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[AASOC] MINICON ON SUNDAY! AGM Coming! Series Night as usual!

Hi everyone!

This week's a big week for AASOC - unless you've not been reading the
emails or coming to AASOC for the last few weeks then you'll know the
AASOC Minicon is this Sunday!

We'll have rooms filled to the brim with stuff to do including:

- 1 large games room, with a projector alternating games for the Wii,
DDR and whatever else people want, with other games running TVs.
- 1 room of classic anime ranging from retro to series that you may
remember fondly from when you started with anime or friends introduced
you to!
- The Pleasance theatre, during the day, will be screening fresh anime
for 2007 - catch a new series here before 6pm, from 7pm expect a movie
as well as the next 4 episodes of Nerima Daikon Brothers (I hold the
2nd DVD here as I speak...expect sing-alongs :P).
- 1 room for chilling out, taking part in the yearly drawing
competition as well - with a theme to be announced for it on the day!
Not to mention the annual anime music quiz, so get a team of 4-5 people
- A bar, which should be open and vending drinks as well as (hopefully)
food - news on food to follow soon too hopefully!
- Finally at the entrance, the Caingorm room will act as the
registrations room where you can collect your conpack!

Also we've received a mass of things from ADV Films, Beez
Entertainment, Manga Entertainment and MVM so we'll be having as always
a massive raffle at the end of the day - with raffle tickets costing £1
for a strip!

If you've not pre-registered Tuesday is your last day to do so for the
price of £5, likewise if you're keen to help AASOC out then do come and
let us know during series night or drop a mail as help at Minicon is
always welcome! Cost on the day for entry will be £6.

*deep breath* Speaking of doing your part for AASOC, as part of our
constitution we need to have our Annual General Meeting between weeks
7-11 of Semester 2. So I'm pleased to announce that we will be holding
our AGM (and cartoon night if we get done quickly) on Thursday the 10th
of March in Appleton Tower - LT to be confirmed.

This means that if you've an interest in helping make AASOC what it is
today then this is your chance to help! Positions that are open for
voting are:

Events Organiser***
Technical Monkey(s)

* Care of EUSA these need to be matriculated students at Ed Uni.
** Need to be matriculated and take the EUSA treasury course first. So
you don't run off with our vast wealth to the Bahamas (or more
realistically the sunny shores of the Clyde...)
*** Requires actual work.

I'll list more details on the AGM next week, when Minicon is safely out
the way! But for now drop a line to someone on the committee at the
series night or drop an email replying to this one if curious about the
AGM etc!

This week we'll mostly be showing:

Ouran High Host Club - Episodes 21 and 22
Eureka Seven - Episode 38
Scrapped Princess - Episode 20
Eureka Seven - Episodes 39 and 40
Plus if everything runs to schedule: 1 x Random episode (I feel in a
retro mood this time..)

Also guys - please remember in the run up to the Minicon Gamesoc are
coordinating the big geek pub quiz of 2007 so meet at Pleasance on
Friday and play as a team with a diverse set of questions!

What's on: Gamesoc/AASOC/Sciffy/Compsoc quiz night:
When: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd 6:30pm until whenever
Where: Pleasance, Pentland room
Description: Gamesoc/AASOC/Sciffy/Compsoc quiz night - come, mingle and
join teams and get to know people from your own society as well as
other societies a lot better!

See everyone on tomorrow, Friday Sunday I hope!
- Andrew.
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