James - TigerTiger (tigertigeruk) wrote in edinburgh_anime,
James - TigerTiger

[AASOC] Series night starts TONIGHT (Tuesday the 9th)

Hi all!

With the New Year sadly passing us by the time for University has once again kicked off! With Coyote Ragtime out the way now and only 2 episodes of Boogiepop Phantom left you would expect a double bill to finish it off. Don't start running for the hills throwing what shreds of (in)sanity you may or may not have left, as instead to make sure Ouran is finished by the end of the semester we'll show a double of it this week!

So in short:

When: Tuesday the 9th of January (TODAY) at 6-9pm
Where: Appleton Tower LT 2

What's on:

Ouran High Host Club - Episodes 12 and 13
Scrapped Princess - Episode 12
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode 12
Eureka Seven - Episodes 23 and 24

Look forward to seeing everyone back, I'm sure a pub trip will ensue for those with time afterwards!

See everyone soon!

- Andrew
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