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[AASOC] Weekly email, end of semester meal and special lecture tonight!

Hi everyone,

Jumping the gun for Greg here briefly but a couple of announcements for
everyone before the usual series night details.

Firstly there turns out to be a special guest lecture tomorrow care of
the Japan Society of Scotland entitled "BLACK AND WHITE ANIME" details
are as follows:

When: TONIGHT, 7:30pm-9pm
Where: David Hume Tower Faculty Room South (on the right from the foyer
of the DHT)

Description: A brief history of the incredible achievements in Japanese
animation before colour, from the first moving pictures, to rare
wartime propaganda, to the early days of television. Warning: contains
death, robot mayhem, and international terrorism.

Jonathan Clements is the co-author of the Anime Encyclopedia and the
Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Television Drama Since 1953.

Knowing the speaker it should be both an interesting and funny talk so
it's well worth attending if you have the time!

Also on Wednesday is our end of semester meal, the table is booked for
7pm at Bonsai (www.bonsaibarbistro.co.uk) - which has a map on it.
Details are as follows, for those liking concise details:

When: WEDNESDAY @ 7pm
Where: Bonsai Bar Bistro, from AT enter into http://maps.google.com/
the following:

FROM: Crichton Street, Edinburgh
To: 46 West Richmond Street, City of Edinburgh, EH8, UK

It's basically a straight line from the back entrance to AT so I doubt
people will get lost, but if you do feel directionally impaired I'll be
heading there from the main entrance of Appleton Tower at 6:45pm so if
you can't find it I suggest you wait there for me at 6:45pm.

Don't worry if you haven't emailed, we booked a couple of spare seats
(5 or so)!

This week is also the last week of AASOC for the semester as exams
start the week after (as much as I'd like to pretend they're not...)

We'll be showing on Tuesday the 28th of November in Appleton Tower LT 2:

Ouran High Host Club - Episode #11
Coyote Ragtime - Episode #11
Scrapped Princess - Episode #11
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode #11


Eureka Seven - Episodes #21 and #22

See you all some point this week and all the best to everyone who has a
large number of deadlines just now ¬_¬.

- Andrew.
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