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[AASOC] Student Festival events, pub quiz and Minicon!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a good time at the film night last night! Another
action packed week ahead with not one, not two but a whole three events!

Lined up for this week are:

Lain, Alcohol and Philosophy
When: Wednesday, January 31st @ 7pm until 11pm
Where: Appleton Tower, LT2
Description: A screening of ‘Serial Experiments: Lain’ followed by
related philosophy discussions in a pub. Come along for an evening of
anime, alcohol and philosophy!

AASOC's 6th Birthday Party
When: Saturday, FEBRUARY 3rd @ 6:30pm until Midnight
Where: Pleasance Theatre
Description: Anime! Retro Cartoons! Come see what Aasoc is like, with
classics like ‘Thundercats’ all the way along to crisp new Anime!

Finally as always we will have series night on Tuesday, in Appleton Tower LT 2

Ouran High Host Club - Episodes 17
Scrapped Princess - Episode 15
Eureka Seven - Episode 30
Random episode (Hint: Not another episode of Bokura Ga Ita)!
Eureka Seven - Episodes 31 and 32

Also coming up next month:

What's on: Gamesoc/AASOC/Sciffy/Compsoc quiz night:
When: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd 6:30pm until whenever
Where: Pleasance, Pentland room
Description: Gamesoc/AASOC/Sciffy/Compsoc quiz night - come, mingle and
join teams and get to know people from your own society as well as
other societies a lot better!


What's on: Minicon 2007
When: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th @ 10am until Midnight
Where: Pleasance
Description: AASOC's holding its annual convention in the Pleasance,
with competitions, raffles, games, anime and finishing off in the
evening with a film night!

We had a few sign ups last week and are looking for more this week!
Sign up now whilst places are still cheap, just bring your £5 and pay
during the break or at the start of the night!

Alternatively bring along your money for it to any of the events above
during the week!


See everyone on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Saturday hopefully!

- Andrew.
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