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[AASOC] Semester 2 events list & series night on Tuesday!

Hi everyone!

Hope that the people who made it at such short notice on Friday had a
good time! To avoid any confusion about dates again this email contains
the dates for announced events so far this semester:

What's on: Film night
When: Friday, January 26th @ 7pm until Midnight
Where: Pleasance Theatre
Description: Details to follow in next week's email!

What's on: Lain, Alcohol and Philosophy
When: Wednesday, January 31st @ 7pm until 11pm
Where: Appleton Tower, LT2
Description: A screening of ‘Serial Experiments: Lain’ followed by
related philosophy discussions in a pub. Come along for an evening of
anime, alcohol and philosophy!

What's on: AASOC's 6th Birthday Party
When: Saturday, January 3rd @ 6:30pm until Midnight
Where: Pleasance Theatre
Description: Anime! Retro Cartoons! Come see what Aasoc is like, with
classics like ‘Thundercats’ all the way along to crisp new Anime!

What's on: Minicon 2007
When: Saturday, March 17th @ 10am until Midnight
Where: Pleasance
Description: AASOC's holding its annual convention in the Pleasance,
with competitions, raffles, games, anime and finishing off in the
evening with a film night! More details to follow soon!

Which brings us to the point of the email, series night continues again
with us seeing the end of Boogiepop Phantom this week, a fact I'm sure
many people will be upset about...

In short:

When: Tuesday, January 16th (Not today, shockingly) @ 6pm until 9pm
Where: Appleton Tower LT 2

What's on (in order):

Ouran High Host Club - Episodes 14
Eureka Seven - Episode 25
Scrapped Princess - Episode 13
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode 13
Eureka Seven - Episodes 26 and 27

See you all on Tuesday!

- Andrew.
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