James - TigerTiger (tigertigeruk) wrote in edinburgh_anime,
James - TigerTiger

[aasoc] Series night tonight and end of term meal info!!

Hey everyone!

Series night is on tonight as usual in Appleton, here's the details:

When: Tuesday the 21th of November, 6pm - 9pm
Where: Appleton Tower LT 2

What's on:

Ouran High Host Club - Episode 10
Coyote Ragtime - Episode 10

Scrapped Princess - Episode 10
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode 10

Break (library will also be available!)

Eureka Seven - Episode 19
Eureka Seven - Episode 20

We're also going for a society end of term meal on Wednesday the 29th of November at 7pm.
Please note the change of location, we will be going to Bonsai (not Izzi!!).
If you're interested in coming along please reply to this address (donohoegreg@yahoo.co.uk) asap so we can book a big enough table (please put something like "AASOC meal" in the subject).
Here's Bonsai's website if you need more info!:

Hope to see you all tonight!

- Greg (donohoegreg@yahoo.co.uk)
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