James - TigerTiger (tigertigeruk) wrote in edinburgh_anime,
James - TigerTiger

[AASOC] Series night tonight!!

Hey everyone!

Series night is on tonight as usual in Appleton, here's the details:

When: Tuesday the 7th of October, 6pm - 9pm
Where: Appleton Tower LT 2

What's on:

Ouran High Host Club - Episode 8
Coyote Ragtime - Episode 8

Scrapped Princess - Episode 8
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode 8

Break (library will also be available!)

Eureka Seven - Episode 15
Eureka Seven - Episode 16

We'll also be going for a society end of term meal sometime in week 11, details to follow, but if you're interested please email me back at this address with the topic "[AASOC] meal" or something along those lines so we can book a table. We'll probably be going to Izzi which is a Japanese & Chinese restaurant on Lothian Road.

Hope to see you all tonight!

- Greg (donohoegreg@yahoo.co.uk)
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