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[AASOC] Series night tomorrow!

Hi everybody!

Here's a quick reminder about this week's series week. We'll be in
David Hume Tower Lecture Theatre C (it's actually _behind_ the David
Hume Tower):


Here's the details:

When: Tommorrw (Tuesday the 26th September) @ 6pm - 9pm
Where: David Hume Tower Lecture Theatre C (it's in
lecture-theatres/?sort=name&order=asc - behind the David Hume Tower
confusingly enough)

What's being shown:

Ouran High Host Club - Episode 2
Coyote Ragtime - Episode 2

Scrapped Princess - Episode 2
Boogiepop Phantom - Episode 2

A break to give people a chance to sign up, before we do another prize
draw courtesy of Beez Entertainment and MVM!

Eureka Seven - Episode 3
Eureka Seven - Episode 4

And of course there will be a few of us heading over to the Southsider
for drinks afterwards.

On another note, don't forget about our discounts, simply show your
membership card at Bonsai (who do excellent set lunch menus!) and
Deadhead comics to recieve at 10% discount at each.
Deadhead are also offering us Tokyopop mangas for £5 and Tanoshimi/Del
Ray titles (xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles, Negima, Guru guru pon chan
etc) for £4.50, but you'll have to request them at series night and
we'll get them from Deadhead and bring them for you the following week.
We'll have a list of upcoming releases for you to choose from as soon
as we know!

Here's the websites for Deadhead and Bonsai so you can find them!

Hope to see you all tomorrow, have a good week!

- Greg
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