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AASOC Freshers Week Events

Hi everyone!

With the start of term coming up again and Freshers Week literally just
round the corner - this is just a quick email to let everyone know what
AASOC has planned for Freshers Week and beyond!

Freshers Week:

Societies Fair:

When: Wednesday the 13th from 10:00-16:00
Thursday the 14th from 10:00-16:00

Where: The Pleasance Sports Centre, Upper Trust Hall (Stall 30)

What: Come along to the societies fair, have a chat with people from
AASOC as well as sign up for next year again, good for a break and
we're always happy to stop for a chat!

Costs to sign up this year, as last year are:

If you are an Edinburgh University student:

£6 for the whole year
£3 a semester

If you're a non-Edinburgh Uni student:

£12 for the year
£6 for the semester

Cartoon Night:

When: Friday the 15th from 18:00pm-00:00am
Where: Pleasance Theatre

What: Classic cartoons from your childhood! Come and chill out with a
drink whilst watching a mixture of both old and new favourite cartoon
series! Free to everyone - but if you missed us at the societies fair,
then come along here and sign up - we'll have our cashbox and
membership cards at the ready!

DDR/Games night:

When: Saturday the 16th from 17:00-20:00
Where: Pleasance, Cairngorm Room (first room on the right when you go
through the Pleasance gates!)

What: Dance Dance Revolution, an excuse to practice DDR to familiar and
unfamiliar tunes alike without the fear of people in an arcade watching
or laughing at you! A good way to have some fun, meet new people and
get some exercise in at the same time. Like cartoon night, free to all
but if you want to sign up to AASOC at it just bring your money along
and we'll sign you up!

We'll all look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the
events over the next week, failing that a week tomorrow marks the
begining of Series Night once again (with an email about that to

All the best and enjoy the week!

- Andrew,
El Presidente.
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